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The 'Shabby Chicness Lenormand' deck was created, by tarotlyn, artist and reader/teacher of over 30 years, in the ever popular and delightful Shabby Chic style. Deck creator tarolyn (Lynnette Monrean) has stayed true to the Lenormand type traditional symbols. She offers not only a competely ‘traditonal ‘ 36 card Lenormand deck, but also offers a 'Special' Shabby Chicness deck that includes an additional 36 'extra'cards (72 cards total).

Home Shabby Chic w/Text 72 Shabby Chic wText 36 Shabby Chic Plain 72 Shabby Chic Plain 36 Shabby Chic Mini 64 YELLOW LENNIE 72 YELLOW TRAD 36 YELLOW MINI 64 Shades of Pink 72 Shades of Pink 36 SoP Mini 64 Blue Muse 72 Blue Muse TRAD 36 Blue Muse MINI Emerald Forest 72 Emerald Forest 36 Emerald Forest MINI Full Moon Witchy 36 Full Moon Witchy MINI Instant Lenormand 72 InstantLenormand36 InstantLenormand Mini Mystic Mauve72 Mystic Mauve 36 Mystic Mauve Mini Artist Comments Email Lyn
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Shabby Chic
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