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Shabby Chicness Traditional Deck

Shabby Chicness Special Deck

The 'Shabby Chicness Lenormand' deck was created, by tarotlyn, artist and reader/teacher of over 30 years, in the ever popular and delightful Shabby Chic style. Deck creator tarolyn (Lynnette Monrean) has stayed true to the Lenormand type traditional symbols. She offers not only a competely ‘traditonal ‘ 36 card Lenormand deck, but also offers a 'Special' Shabby Chicness deck that includes an additional 36 'extra'cards (72 cards total).

What is ‘Shabby Chicness?’

The Shabby Chicness Lenormand deck captures the dreamy florals and laces that we all love and have come to know as 'Shabby Chicness’ surroundings.

While tarotlyn’s deck is meant to help guide you in your quest for the future, it is hoped that you will also find beauty and inner meanings within each card.

It is a ‘mix’ of old odd vintage pieces, antiques, laces, fresh flowers, lace curtains, lace gloves, painted wooden furniture, old white wicker chairs. It is the scent of lovely roses and other flowers in old vases on tables covered in old lace tablecloths. It is beautiful vintage things, old things from times past.

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